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CESNET S3 Storage

S3 service is a general service suited for most of the use cases. S3 service can be used for elementary data storing, automated backups, or various types of data handling applications. The service is supported by CESNET Storage Department: du-support(at)

For more information, see e-IINFRA CZ S3 Service documentation.


To access to S3 you must:


  1. Fil in application at to be a member of VO group.

    Provide information about the reservation capacity in TB/GB in the Description of planned activity field.

  2. Wait for a confirmation email with information about the endpoint (e.g. cl2) and link to Filesender where your key is stored.

    Link Expiration

    Note that the link has an expiration date, so download the information to your local storage.

    Key Format:

    "user": "51de0172a4***************************bc3cf1b211aacc9d5dc7876649a8",
    "access_key": "IL2***********JAS",
    "secret_key": "WIt******************HRAYvBtHmD"

    Use this information for management tool configuration.

IT4I offers two tools for object storage management on Karolina:


We recommend using the default versions installed.

Walkthroughs (Config Connection)