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Welcome to Salomon supercomputer cluster. The Salomon cluster consists of 1009 compute nodes, totaling 24192 compute cores with 129 TB RAM and giving over 2 PFLOP/s theoretical peak performance. Each node is a powerful x86-64 computer equipped with 24 cores and at least 128 GB RAM. Nodes are interconnected through a 7D Enhanced hypercube InfiniBand network and are equipped with Intel Xeon E5-2680v3 processors. The Salomon cluster consists of 576 nodes without accelerators and 432 nodes equipped with Intel Xeon Phi MIC accelerators. Read more in Hardware Overview.

The cluster runs with a CentOS Linux operating system, which is compatible with the Red Hat Linux family.

Water-Cooled Compute Nodes With MIC Accelerators

Tape Library T950B