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New Software Installation Request

If you need to install new software on IT4Innovations' clusters, send your request to support[at] In the request, provide the following information:

  1. Software name (required);
  2. Website (required);
  3. Type of software (e.g. open-source, commercial, ...) (required);
  4. Required software version (specific version or 'latest') (required);
  5. Dependencies (both required and optional ones that are required for your use case);
  6. Pointer to installation guide (required);
  7. Pointer to documentation on how to test installation;
  8. Details of license server, hostname and port(s) (if any);
  9. Instructions to run test case;
  10. Short motivation describing why you want to use this software (required);
  11. When would you like to use this software? (required);
  12. Toolchain preference (e.g. intel/2020a, ...);
  13. Does this software need to be made available to only a particular group of users? (required)
    • No, installation can be public;
    • Yes (specify the group of users).