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Resource Accounting Policy

Starting with the 24th open access grant competition, the accounting policy has been changed from normalized core hours (NCH) to node-hours (NH). This means that it is now required to apply for node hours of the specific cluster and node type:

  1. Barbora CPU
  2. Barbora GPU
  3. Barbora FAT
  4. DGX-2
  5. Karolina CPU
  6. Karolina GPU
  7. Karolina FAT

The accounting runs whenever the nodes are allocated via the Slurm workload manager (the sbatch, salloc command), regardless of whether the nodes are actually used for any calculation. The same rule applies for unspent reservations.

Resource Accounting Formula

Resources NH Consumed
Barbora All types, Karolina CPU allocated nodes * time
Karolina GPU allocated gpus * time / 8
Karolina FAT allocated cpus * time / 768
Karolina VIZ allocated cpus * time / 64

time: duration of the Slurm job in hours

CPU/GPU resources granularity

Minimal granularity of all Barbora's partitions and Karolina's CPU partition is 1 node. This means that if you request, for example, 32 cores on Karolina's CPU partition, your job will still consume 1 NH * time.

All other Karolina's partitions (GPU, FAT, VIZ) provide partial node allocation; i.e.: if you request 4 GPUs on Karolina, you will consume only 0.5 NH * time.