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VPN Access

Accessing IT4Innovations Internal Resources via VPN

To access IT4Innovations' resources and licenses, it is necessary to connect to its local network via VPN. IT4Innovations uses the FortiClient VPN software. For the list of supported operating systems, see the FortiClient Administration Guide.

VPN Client Download

Working With Windows/Mac VPN Client

Before the first login, you must configure the VPN. In the New VPN Connection section, provide the name of your VPN connection and the following settings:

Name Value
Remote Gateway
Port 443
Client Certificate None

Optionally, you can describe the VPN connection and select Save Login under Authentication.

Save the settings, enter your login credentials and click Connect.


Make sure your username and password are correct. If you enter invalid credentials, FortiClient VPN returns a general warning (-14).

Linux Client

Connection will work with following settings:

Name Value
VPN-Port 443
Set-Routes Enabled
Set-DNS Enabled
DNS Servers,

Linux VPN clients need to run under root. OpenFortiGUI uses sudo by default, be sure, that your user is allowed to use sudo.