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PuTTY (Windows)

Windows PuTTY Installer

We recommend you to download "A Windows installer for everything except PuTTYtel" with Pageant (SSH authentication agent) and PuTTYgen (PuTTY key generator) which is available here.


"Pageant" is optional.

"Change Password for Existing Private Key" is optional.

PuTTY - How to Connect to the IT4Innovations Cluster

  • Run PuTTY
  • Enter Host name and Save session fields with login address and browse Connection - SSH - Auth menu. The Host Name input may be in the format "" so you do not have to type your login each time. In this example, replace the word cluster in the address with the name of the cluster to which you want to connect.

  • Category - Connection - SSH - Auth: Select Attempt authentication using Pageant. Select Allow agent forwarding. Browse and select your private key file.

  • Return to Session page and Save selected configuration with Save button.

  • Now you can log in using Open button.

  • Enter your username if the Host Name input is not in the format "".
  • Enter passphrase for selected private key file if Pageant SSH authentication agent is not used.

Another PuTTY Settings

  • Category - Windows - Translation - Remote character set and select UTF-8.
  • Category - Terminal - Features and select Disable application keypad mode (enable numpad)
  • Save your configuration in the Session - Basic options for your PuTTY section with the Save button.

Pageant SSH Agent

Pageant holds your private key in memory without needing to retype a passphrase on every login.

  • Run Pageant.
  • On Pageant Key List press Add key and select your private key (id_rsa.ppk).
  • Enter your passphrase.
  • Now you have your private key in memory without needing to retype a passphrase on every login.

PuTTY Key Generator

PuTTYgen is the PuTTY key generator. You can load in an existing private key and change your passphrase or generate a new public/private key pair.

Change Password for Existing Private Key

You can change the password of your SSH key with "PuTTY Key Generator". Make sure to back up the key.

  • Load your private key file with Load button.
  • Enter your current passphrase.
  • Change key passphrase.
  • Confirm key passphrase.
  • Save your private key with the Save private key button.

Generate a New Public/Private Key

You can generate an additional public/private key pair and insert public key into authorized_keys file for authentication with your own private key.

  • Start with Generate button.

  • Generate some randomness.

  • Wait.

  • Enter a comment for your key using the '' format. Enter a key passphrase, confirm it and save your new private key in the ppk format.

  • Save the public key with the Save public key button. You can copy public key out of the ‘Public key for pasting into the authorized_keys file’ box.

  • Export the private key in the OpenSSH format "id_rsa" using Conversion - Export OpenSSH key

Managing Your SSH Key

To manage your SSH key for authentication to clusters, see the SSH Key Management section.