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Intel Inspector

Intel Inspector is a dynamic memory and threading error checking tool for C/C++/Fortran applications. It can detect issues such as memory leaks, invalid memory references, uninitalized variables, race conditions, deadlocks etc.

Installed Versions

The following versions are currently available on Salomon as modules:

2016 Update 1 - Inspector/2016_update1


Your program should be compiled with -g switch to include symbol names. Optimizations can be turned on.

Debugging is possible either directly from the GUI, or from command line.

GUI Mode

To debug from GUI, launch Inspector:

$ inspxe-gui &

Then select menu File -> New -> Project. Choose a directory to save project data to. After clicking OK, Project properties window will appear, where you can configure path to your binary, launch arguments, working directory etc. After clicking OK, the project is ready.

In the main pane, you can start a predefined analysis type or define your own. Click Start to start the analysis. Alternatively, you can click on Command Line, to see the command line required to run the analysis directly from command line.

Batch Mode

Analysis can be also run from command line in batch mode. Batch mode analysis is run with command inspxe-cl. To obtain the required parameters, either consult the documentation or you can configure the analysis in the GUI and then click "Command Line" button in the lower right corner to the respective command line.

Results obtained from batch mode can be then viewed in the GUI by selecting File -> Open -> Result...


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