Applying for Resources

Computational resources may be allocated by any of the following Computing resources allocation mechanisms.

Academic researchers can apply for computational resources via Open Access Competitions.

Anyone is welcome to apply via the Directors Discretion.

Foreign (mostly European) users can obtain computational resources via the PRACE (DECI) program.

In all cases, IT4Innovations’ access mechanisms are aimed at distributing computational resources while taking into account the development and application of supercomputing methods and their benefits and usefulness for society. The applicants are expected to submit a proposal. In the proposal, the applicants apply for a particular amount of core-hours of computational resources. The requested core-hours should be substantiated by scientific excellence of the proposal, its computational maturity and expected impacts. Proposals do undergo a scientific, technical and economic evaluation. The allocation decisions are based on this evaluation. For more information, see Computing resources allocation and Obtaining Login Credentials.