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This page has not been updated yet. The page does not reflect the transition from PBS to Slurm.

Overview of ANSYS ProductsΒΆ

SVS FEM as ANSYS Channel partner for the Czech Republic provided all ANSYS licenses for our clusters and supports all ANSYS Products (Multiphysics, Mechanical, MAPDL, CFX, Fluent, Maxwell, LS-DYNA, etc.) to IT staff and ANSYS users. In case of a problem with ANSYS functionality, contact

We provides commercial as well as academic variants. Academic variants are distinguished by the "Academic..." word in the license name or by the two letter preposition "aa_" in the license feature name. Change of license is realized on command line or directly in the user's PBS file (see individual products).

To load the latest version of any ANSYS product (Mechanical, Fluent, CFX, MAPDL, etc.) load the module:

$ ml ANSYS

ANSYS supports interactive mode, but due to assumed solution of extremely difficult tasks it is not recommended.

If the user needs to work in the interactive mode, we recommend to configure the RSM service on the client machine which allows to forward the solution to the cluster directly from the client's Workbench project (see ANSYS RSM service).