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Job Features

Special features installed/configured on the fly on allocated nodes, features are requested in PBS job.

$ qsub... -l feature=req

VTune Support

Load VTune kernel modules.

$ qsub ... -l vtune=version_string

version_string is VTune version e.g. 2017_update2

MIC Development Support

Install development packages (gcc, g++, make, automake, autoconf, bison, flex, perl, libraries, ...) on MIC accelerators.

$ qsub ... -l mic_devel=true


Available on Salomon Perrin nodes.

Global RAM Disk

Create global shared file system consisting of RAM disks of allocated nodes. File-system is mounted on /mnt/global_ramdisk.

$ qsub ... -l global_ramdisk=true


Available on Salomon nodes only.

Virtualization Network

Configure network for virtualization, create interconnect for fast communication between node (host) and virtual machine (guest).

$ qsub ... -l virt_network=true

See Tap Interconnect

x86 Adapt Support

Load kernel module, that allows changing/toggling system parameters stored in MSR and PCI registers of x86 processors.

$ qsub ... -l x86_adapt=true


Hazardous, it causes CPU frequency disruption.


Available on Salomon nodes only.

Disabling Intel Turbo Boost on CPU

Intel Turbo Boost on CPU is enabled on all all compute nodes.

To disable Intel Turbo Boost on CPU

$ qsub ... -l cpu_turbo_boost=false

Offlining CPU Cores


Not available now.

To offline N CPU cores

$ qsub ... -l cpu_offline_cores=N

To offline CPU cores according pattern

$ qsub ... -l cpu_offline_cores=PATTERN

where pattern is list of core's numbers to offline separated by character 'c' e.g. "5c11c16c23c"


Hazardous, it causes Lustre threads disruption.