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Hardware Overview

Karolina consists of 829 computational nodes of which 720 are universal compute nodes (Cn[001-720]), 72 are NVIDIA A100 accelerated nodes (Acn[01-72]), 1 is a data analytics node (Sdf1), and 36 are cloud partitions (CLn[01-36]). Each node is a powerful x86-64 computer, equipped with 128/768 cores (64-core AMD EPYC™ 7H12 / 64-core AMD EPYC™ 7763 / 24-core Intel Xeon-SC 8268) and at least 256 GB of RAM.

User access to Karolina is provided by four login nodes login[1-4]. The nodes are interlinked through high speed InfiniBand and Ethernet networks.

The Accelerated nodes, Data analytics node, and Cloud nodes are available upon request from a PI. For more information about accessing the nodes, see also the Resources Allocation Policy section.

For more technical information, see the Compute Nodes section.

The parameters are summarized in the following tables:

In general
Primary purpose High Performance Computing
Architecture of compute nodes x86-64
Operating system Linux
Compute nodes
Total 829
Processor cores 128/768 (2x64 cores/32x24 cores)
RAM min. 256 GB
Local disk drive no
Compute network InfiniBand HDR
Universal compute node 720, Cn[001-720]
Accelerated compute nodes 72, Acn[01-72]
Data analytics compute nodes 1, Sdf1
Cloud compute nodes 36, CLn[01-36]
In total
Total theoretical peak performance (Rpeak) 15.7 PFLOP/s
Total amount of RAM 313 TB
Node Processor Memory Accelerator
Universal compute node 2 x AMD Zen 2 EPYC™ 7H12, 2.6 GHz 256 GB -
Accelerated compute node 2 x AMD Zen 3 EPYC™ 7763, 2.45 GHz 1024 GB 8 x NVIDIA A100 (40 GB HBM2)
Data analytics node 32 x Intel Xeon-SC 8268, 2.9 GHz 24 TB -
Cloud compute node 2 x AMD Zen 2 EPYC™ 7H12, 2.6 GHz 256 GB -