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Hardware Overview

The Barbora cluster consists of 201 computational nodes named cn[1-201] of which 192 are regular compute nodes, 8 are GPU Tesla V100 accelerated nodes and 1 is a fat node. Each node is a powerful x86-64 computer, equipped with 36/24/128 cores (18-core Intel Cascade Lake 6240 / 12-core Intel Skylake Gold 6126 / 16-core Intel Skylake 8153), at least 192 GB of RAM. User access to the Barbora cluster is provided by two login nodes login[1,2]. The nodes are interlinked through high speed InfiniBand and Ethernet networks.

The Fat node is equipped with a large amount (6144 GB) of memory. Virtualization infrastructure provides resources to run long-term servers and services in virtual mode. The Accelerated nodes, Fat node, and Virtualization infrastructure are available upon request from a PI.

There are three types of compute nodes:

  • 192 compute nodes without an accelerator
  • 8 compute nodes with a GPU accelerator - 4x NVIDIA Tesla V100-SXM2
  • 1 fat node - equipped with 6144 GB of RAM

More about Compute nodes.

GPU and accelerated nodes are available upon request, see the Resources Allocation Policy.

All of these nodes are interconnected through fast InfiniBand and Ethernet networks. More about the Network. Every chassis provides an InfiniBand switch, marked isw, connecting all nodes in the chassis, as well as connecting the chassis to the upper level switches.

User access to Barbora is provided by two login nodes: login1 and login2. More about accessing the cluster.

The parameters are summarized in the following tables:

In general
Primary purpose High Performance Computing
Architecture of compute nodes x86-64
Operating system Linux
Compute nodes
Total 201
Processor cores 36/24/128 (2x18 cores/2x12 cores/8x16 cores)
RAM min. 192 GB
Local disk drive no
Compute network InfiniBand HDR
w/o accelerator 192, cn[1-192]
GPU accelerated 8, cn[194-200]
Fat compute nodes 1, cn[201]
In total
Total theoretical peak performance (Rpeak) 848.8448 TFLOP/s
Total amount of RAM 44.544 TB
Node Processor Memory Accelerator
w/o accelerator 2 x Intel Cascade Lake 6240, 2.6 GHz 192 GB -
GPU accelerated 2 x Intel Skylake Gold 6126, 2.6 GHz 192 GB NVIDIA Tesla V100-SXM2
Fat compute node 2 x Intel Skylake Platinum 8153, 2.0 GHz 6144 GB -

For more details refer to Compute nodes, Storage, Visualization servers, and Network.