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Opencode is a GitLab-based page for projects on which IT4Innovations participates.

Who Can Access Opencode

IT4Innovations account is not required, it is possible to access through B2ACCESS.

Sign in Through B2ACCESS

First, we need to verify your identity:

  1. Sign in with your organization B2ACCESS; the page requests a valid personal certificate (e.g. GEANT). Accounts with "Low" level of assurance are not granted access to IT4I zone.

  2. Confirm your certificate in the browser:

  3. Confirm your certificate in the OS (Windows):

  4. Sign to EUDAT/B2ACCESS:

    • If you aren't affiliated with any university, try log in with Social account. If you aren't able to sign in through an IDP, It might be a result of an internal policy of your employer.

    • If you don't have, or refuse to use, any of the above-mentioned accounts, you can create an account in B2ACCESS.