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Karolina Update

Karolina has been updated. This includes updates to cluster management tools and new node images with Rocky Linux 8.9. Expect new versions of kernels, libraries, and drivers on compute nodes.

Karolina is the latest and most powerful supercomputer cluster built for IT4Innovations in Q2 of 2021. The Karolina cluster consists of 829 compute nodes, totaling 106,752 compute cores with 313 TB RAM, giving over 15.7 PFLOP/s theoretical peak performance.

Nodes are interconnected through a fully non-blocking fat-tree InfiniBand network, and are equipped with AMD Zen 2, Zen 3, and Intel Cascade Lake architecture processors. Seventy two nodes are also equipped with NVIDIA A100 accelerators. Read more in Hardware Overview.

The cluster runs with an operating system compatible with the Red Hat Linux family. We have installed a wide range of software packages targeted at different scientific domains. These packages are accessible via the modules environment.

The user data shared file system and job data shared file-system are available to users.

The Slurm workload manager provides computing resources allocations and job execution.

Read more on how to apply for resources, obtain login credentials and access the cluster.