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e-INFRA CZ Cloud Ostrava

Ostrava cloud consists of 22 nodes from the Karolina supercomputer. The cloud site is built on top of OpenStack, which is a free open standard cloud computing platform.


To acces the cloud you must:

The dashboard is available at

You can specify resources/quotas for your project. For more information, see the Quota Limits section.

Creating First Instance

To create your first VM instance, follow the e-INFRA CZ guide. Note that the guide is similar for clouds in Brno and Ostrava, so make sure that you follow steps for Ostrava cloud where applicable.

Process Automatization

You can automate the process using Terraform or Openstack.



  • Linux/Mac/WSL terminal BASH shell
  • installed Terraform and sshuttle
  • downloaded application credentials from OpenStack Horizon dashboard and saved as a text file

Follow the guide:



Follow the guide:

Run commands:

./ basic-infrastructure-1

Technical Reference

For the list of deployed OpenStack services, see the list of components.

More information can be found on the e-INFRA CZ website.