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Intel Advisor


Intel Advisor is a tool aiming to assist you in vectorization and threading of your code. You can use it to profile your application and identify loops that could benefit from vectorization and/or threading parallelism.

Installed Versions

For the current list of installed versions, use:

$ ml av Advisor


Your program should be compiled with the -g switch to include symbol names. You should compile with -O2 or higher to see code that is already vectorized by the compiler.

Profiling is possible either directly from the GUI or from the command line.

To profile from the GUI, launch Advisor:

$ advixe-gui

Then select the menu File -> New -> Project. Choose a directory to which the project data is saved. After clicking OK, the Project properties window appears, where you can configure the path to your binary, launch arguments, working directory, etc. After clicking OK, the project is ready.

In the left pane, you can switch between Vectorization and Threading workflows. Each has several possible steps, which you can execute by clicking the Collect button. Alternatively, you can click on Command Line to see the command line required to run the analysis directly from the command line.


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