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Accessing the DGX-2

Before You Access


GPUs are single-user devices. GPU memory is not purged between job runs and it can be read (but not written) by any user. Consider the confidentiality of your running jobs.

How to Access

The DGX-2 machine is integrated into Barbora cluster. The DGX-2 machine can be accessed from Barbora login nodes through the Barbora scheduler queue qdgx as a compute node cn202.


There are three shared file systems on the DGX-2 system: HOME, SCRATCH (LSCRATCH), and PROJECT.


The HOME filesystem is realized as an NFS filesystem. This is a shared home from the Barbora cluster.


The SCRATCH is realized on an NVME storage. The SCRATCH filesystem is mounted in the /scratch directory. Accessible capacity is 22TB, shared among all users.


Files on the SCRATCH filesystem that are not accessed for more than 60 days will be automatically deleted.


The PROJECT data storage is IT4Innovations' central data storage accessible from all clusters. For more information on accessing PROJECT, its quotas, etc., see the PROJECT Data Storage section.