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Complementary Systems

Complementary systems offer development environment for users that need to port and optimize their codes and application for various hardware architectures and software technologies that are not available on standard clusters.

First stage of complementary systems implementation comprises of these partitions:

  • compute partition 0 – based on ARM technology - legacy
  • compute partition 1 – based on ARM technology - A64FX
  • compute partition 2 – based on Intel technologies - Ice Lake, NVDIMMs + Bitware FPGAs
  • compute partition 3 – based on AMD technologies - Milan, MI100 GPUs + Xilinx FPGAs
  • compute partition 4 – reflecting Edge type of servers
  • partition 5 – FPGA synthesis server

Modules and Architecture Availability

Complementary systems list available modules automatically based on the detected architecture.

However, you can load one of the three modules -- aarch64, avx2, and avx512 -- to reload the list of modules available for the respective architecture:

[user@login.cs ~]$ ml architecture/aarch64

  aarch64 modules + all modules

[user@login.cs ~]$ ml architecture/avx2

  avx2 modules + all modules

[user@login.cs ~]$ ml architecture/avx512

  avx512 modules + all modules