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e-INFRA CZ Account

e-INFRA CZ is a unique research and development e-infrastructure in the Czech Republic, which provides capacities and resources for the transmission, storage and processing of scientific and research data. IT4Innovations has become a member of e-INFRA CZ on January 2022.


Only persons affiliated with an academic institution from the Czech Republic ( are eligible for an e-INFRA CZ account.

Request e-INFRA CZ Account

  1. Go to
  2. Select a member academic institution you are affiliated with.
  3. Fill out the e-INFRA CZ Account information (username, password and ssh key(s)).

Your account should be created in a few minutes after submitting the request.

Once your e-INFRA CZ account is created, it is propagated into IT4I systems and can be used to access SCS portal and Request Tracker.

Continue to apply for a project or project membership to access clusters through the SCS portal.

Logging Into IT4I Services

The table below shows how different IT4I services are accessed:

Services Access
Clusters SSH key
IS, RT, web, VPN e-INFRA CZ login
Change password
Change SSH key
Academic institution's credentials
e-INFRA CZ / eduID

You can change you profile settings at any time.