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e-INFRA CZ Account

e-INFRA CZ is a unique research and development e-infrastructure in the Czech Republic, which provides capacities and resources for the transmission, storage and processing of scientific and research data. IT4Innovations has become a member of e-INFRA CZ on January 2022.


Only persons affiliated with an academic institution from the Czech Republic ( are eligible for an e-INFRA CZ account.

Request e-INFRA CZ Account

  1. Request an account:

    1. Go to
    2. Select a member academic institution you are affiliated with.
    3. Fill out the e-INFRA CZ Account information (username, password and ssh key(s)).

    Your account should be created in a few minutes after submitting the request. Once your e-INFRA CZ account is created, it is propagated into IT4I systems and can be used to access SCS portal and Request Tracker.

  2. Provide additional information via IT4I support or email support[at] (required, note that without this information, you cannot use IT4I resources):

    1. Full name
    2. Gender
    3. Citizenship
    4. Country of residence
    5. Organization/affiliation
    6. Organization/affiliation country
    7. Organization/affiliation type (university, company, R&D institution, private/public sector (hospital, police), academy of sciences, etc.)
    8. Job title (student, PhD student, researcher, research assistant, employee, etc.)

Continue to apply for a project or project membership to access clusters through the SCS portal.

Logging Into IT4I Services

The table below shows how different IT4I services are accessed:

Services Access
Clusters SSH key
IS, RT, web, VPN e-INFRA CZ login
Change password
Change SSH key
Academic institution's credentials
e-INFRA CZ / eduID

You can change you profile settings at any time.