TensorFlow is an open-source software library for machine intelligence.

TensorFlow modules

Salomon provides three different TensorFlow modules: * Tensorflow/1.1.0 * Tensorflow/1.2.0-GCC-7.1.0-2.28 * Tensorflow/1.2.0-intel-2017.05-mkl

TensorFlow 1.1 build.

$ ml Tensorflow/1.1.0

This module was built with: * GCC/4.9.3 * Python/3.6.1

TensorFlow 1.2 with SIMD support. TensorFlow build taking advantage of the Salomon CPU architecture.

$ ml Tensorflow/1.2.0-GCC-7.1.0-2.28

This module was built with: * GCC/7.1.0-2.28 * Python/3.6.1 * protobuf/3.2.0-GCC-7.1.0-2.28-Python-3.6.1


TensorFlow 1.2 with MKL support.

$ ml Tensorflow/1.2.0-intel-2017.05-mkl

This module was built with: * icc/2017.4.196-GCC-7.1.0-2.28 * Python/3.6.1 * protobuf/3.2.0-GCC-7.1.0-2.28-Python-3.6.1

TensorFlow application example

After loading one of the available TensorFlow modules, you can check the functionality running the following python script.

import tensorflow as tf

c = tf.constant('Hello World!')
sess = tf.Session()