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This upgrade introduced a lot of changes with respect to production and user experience.


You might need to recompile your binaries.

Salomon operating system has been upgraded to the latest CentOS 7.6 on 2018-12-05. We are able to support the latest software versions and keep the cluster security with upstream releases after the upgrade.

Major changes are:

  • kernel upgraded to 3.10 (2.6.32 now)
  • glibc upgraded to 2.17 (2.12 now)
  • software modules/binaries should be recompiled or deleted

Discontinued Modules

A new tag has been introduced. Modules tagged with C6 might be malfunctioning. These modules might be recompiled during transition period. Keep informed on malfunctioning modules.

$ ml av intel/

--------------------------- /apps/modules/toolchain ----------------------------
   intel/default  (C6)    intel/2015b   (C6)      intel/2017c   (C6)
   intel/13.5.192 (O)     intel/2016a   (C6)      intel/2017.00
   intel/14.0.1   (O)     intel/2016.01           intel/2018a   (C6)
   intel/15.2.164 (O)     intel/2017a   (C6)      intel/2018.03 (C6)
   intel/15.3.187 (O)     intel/2017b   (C6,D)

   O:   Obsolete
   C6:  Old CentOS6 module
   D:   Default Module


Obsolete modules O are going to be deleted after the cluster upgrade.