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Salomon Upgrade

There's a planned upgrade of Salomon since 2018-12-04 til 2018-12-05.


This upgrade will introduce a lot of changes with respect to production and user experience.


You might need to recompile your binaries.

Salomon operating system will be upgraded to the latest CentOS 7.6. We will be able to support the latest software versions and keep the cluster security with upstream releases after the upgrade.

Major changes are:

  • kernel will be upgraded to 3.10 (2.6.32 now)
  • glibc will be upgraded to 2.17 (2.12 now)
  • software modules/binaries should be recompiled or deleted

Discontinued Modules

A new tag has been introduced. Modules tagged with C6 might be malfunctioning. These modules might be recompiled during transition period. Keep informed on malfunctioning modules.

$ ml av intel/

--------------------------- /apps/modules/toolchain ----------------------------
   intel/default  (C6)    intel/2015b   (C6)      intel/2017c   (C6)
   intel/13.5.192 (O)     intel/2016a   (C6)      intel/2017.00
   intel/14.0.1   (O)     intel/2016.01           intel/2018a   (C6)
   intel/15.2.164 (O)     intel/2017a   (C6)      intel/2018.03 (C6)
   intel/15.3.187 (O)     intel/2017b   (C6,D)

   O:   Obsolete
   C6:  Old CentOS6 module
   D:   Default Module


Obsolete modules O are going to be deleted after the cluster upgrade.