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Salomon Supercomputer Withdrawal From Service


Content updated on 12.1.2021

Salomon Withdrawal From Service

Salomon Access and Job Scheduling

  • Scheduling of long jobs (qlong queue) ended on 6.12.2021 9:00.
  • All jobs were scheduled to finish on Monday 13.12.2021, 9:00.
  • Access to Salomon login nodes and data ended on 03.01.2022, 9:00.

Salomon Data


The PROJECT storage is available to hold the /home and /scratch data.

  • Users should synchronize any remaining data on /home and /scratch to the PROJECT storage themselves.
  • The data on the Salomon /home and /scratch storage were set to read-only on Monday 13.12.2021, 9:00.
  • The data on the Salomon /home and /scratch storage became permanently inaccessible on 03.01.2022, 9:00.
  • After 03.01.2022, 9:00, all data from Salomon /home and /scratch storage will be permanently lost.
  • Make sure that you save all the relevant data to external resources or to PROJECT storage before 03.01.2022, 9:00.

Salomon Future

  • The Salomon supercomputer's future is under negotiation. More information will be posted here.